KN95 /FFP2 4-Layer Fitted Mask



We utilize our sourcing, logistical and product expertise to bring much needed PPE product to those in need. We thoroughly verify all of our suppliers, material sources and implement our strict quality control standards on every PPE product we offer. Quality and safety are our top priority. 

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4-Layer Design

The  KN95 /FFP2 4-Layer Fitted Disposable Mask holds a built in filtration system consisting of 4 layers, which maximize the filtration of particles such as dust, droplets, and other airborne particles contaminating the air. In conjunction, these advanced materials provide comfort and easy breathing for long term wear.

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Custom Fit

 Constructed to achieve a very close facial fit is our KN95 /FFP2 4-Layer Fitted Disposable Mask. Gently pressing on the concealed and embedded aluminum nose bridge while the mask is worn, highly minimizes particles from entering the breathing area. The KN95 /FFP2 4-Layer Fitted Disposable Mask is designed to form a seal around the nose and mouth to successfully protect wearer from particles contaminating the air by blocking particulates as small as .01 micron. 

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We Can Help

Here at C2W Health, we are actively allocating PPE shipments from our suppliers in real-time. Please complete our contact form and we will get in direct contact to discuss inventory, pricing, allocation, ship dates and more. 

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Equipment Distribution

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